Vine was a short-form video hosting service where users could share six-second-long looping video clips. While the platform may no longer be active, the hilarious Vine videos that were created live on. Here are some of the funniest Vines that are sure to make you LOL:

1. “Damn Daniel”

This Vine became a viral sensation in 2016 and features a teenager repeatedly saying “Damn Daniel” to his friend while complimenting his shoes. The catchphrase quickly spread across social media and even led to the duo appearing on talk shows.

2. “Why You Always Lying?”

In this Vine, a man humorously sings the phrase “Why you always lyin’?” as a response to someone’s dishonesty. The catchy tune and funny delivery made this video an instant hit.

3. “Back At It Again at Krispy Kreme”

This Vine features a young man excitedly returning to Krispy Kreme and exclaiming, “Back at it again at Krispy Kreme!” The video’s enthusiastic energy and unexpected twist at the end make it a must-watch.

4. “Freestyle Dance Fail”

In this hilarious Vine, a man attempts to impress his friends with a freestyle dance but ends up failing hilariously. The unexpected and awkward moves will have you laughing out loud.

5. “Where Did Your Shoes Go?”

This Vine captures the moment when a group of friends pranks one of their own by making his shoes disappear. The confusion and disbelief on the victim’s face are priceless and will leave you in stitches.

6. “I Sawed This Boat in Half!”

This Vine features a man comically sawing a boat in half to demonstrate the power of a product. The absurdity of the situation and the over-the-top acting make this video a classic in Vine history.

7. “Lebron James Vine Compilation”

This compilation of Vines featuring basketball star Lebron James showcases his comedic timing and willingness to poke fun at himself. From funny faces to clever skits, this compilation is sure to have you laughing throughout.

8. “Do It for the Vine”

In this Vine, a person is encouraged to do something silly or daring “for the Vine,” meaning to record it for entertainment purposes. The various stunts and pranks captured in these videos will have you laughing and cringing at the same time.

9. “Why Is the FBI Here?”

This Vine presents a humorous scenario where someone questions why the FBI is present in a seemingly ordinary situation. The deadpan delivery and unexpected appearance of the agency make this Vine a standout in terms of comedy.

10. “What Are Those?!”

This Vine features a person making fun of someone else’s shoes by exclaiming, “What are those?!” The video’s playful mocking and the exaggerated reaction of the shoe-wearer will leave you chuckling every time you watch it.

These are just a few examples of the many hilarious Vine videos that have brought laughter to millions of viewers. While the platform may no longer be active, its legacy lives on through these unforgettable moments of humor. So sit back, relax, and prepare to LOL with these classic Vine videos!

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