The positive message that the Moco Museum conveys to young people

The Internet has captivated young people. Social networks, videos, photos and dangerous challenges are part of everyday life. However, the Moco Museum wanted to give a special touch to art and positively influence young people. If you want your children to disconnect for a moment, a visit to this museum will help create a positive impact on their minds. Each piece of art has a positive message packed with creativity. Such is the case with the pieces created by Studio Irma. Imagine an exhibit that seeks to demonstrate that the Internet can serve to develop our skills only when we connect with the right people. This is important. Today everything is based on being popular. Where is the importance of knowledge? This is the most important part for young people to develop.

An exhibition full of connectivity

Our kids can be a bit stubborn. What would you do if there was a piece of art that showed them the importance of connecting in the right way with other people? Well, Studio Irma has created “Reflecting Forward: In Search of Connectivism” with this purpose in mind. Using original techniques that combine graphic design with technology, it is able to show, through art, the importance of connectivity in our development as people. Divided into four rooms within the Moco Museum, visitors will be transported to truly unique worlds. The goal? To understand that even though we are unique, we need to be connected to others. The trick is to connect only with those who allow us to develop in a positive way. Therein lies the message that these art pieces seek to convey.

Studio Irma understands the new generations

Human beings are constantly looking for ways to evolve. Just as technology improves over the years, so must art. Studio Irma has managed to understand this and capture it in each of its art pieces. If we want new generations to learn to value art, we must offer art that is in tune with them. No more old paintings or stories about the ear of an artist who lost his mind. This is why the Moco Museum exists. To bring fresh, young, colorful, creative and fun art to everyone who visits their facility. This museum is making art pieces reach more and more young people who are interested in discovering the reasons that led each artist to create them. Definitely a must if you want to generate a positive impact on your life.