SIS Integration

Safe, secure integration of student enrollment data

Streamline Your Assessment Program

The key to streamlining your assessment program is integration with your Student Information System, making the transfer of student enrollment data safe, secure, and automated.  

Effectively tracking student test assignments and results depends on the ability to positively identify each student, along with their class and teacher enrollment.  Using LearningStation's SIS Integration makes assigning and monitoring student assessments as well as sharing resources and materials much more reliable.

Key Benefits of LearningStation SIS Integration

  • Portability of data - student identification numbers are exportable along with student results, making importing assessment results into other systems simple and dependable.
  • Accuracy of reporting - the association of student identification numbers and enrollment data with test administration and results ensures that the right score appears for the right student every time.
  • Continuity of progress - the stability of having student identification numbers associated with test administrations and results enables results to follow students throughout their academic career, increasing the ability of educators to monitor student progress.