Support emerging literacy in grades three through six

Meet Ozzie the cat and Archie the dog

Engage learners with creative, original stories that not only draw the reader in with page-turning interactivity, but also test students’ skills and build knowledge with fun, meaningful activities set within literary tales. Online Webstories for Learning or OWL offers a complete suite of literacy resources.

OWL provides schools with a complete suite of resources designed to support emerging literacy in grades three through six. Students follow along at their own pace with Ozzie the cat, Archie the dog, and brother and sister Zack and Lucy as they explore their local community and travel the world having adventures and learning at the same time.

OWL contains a wealth of literacy resources: 

  • Six to nine web stories per grade level, from third through sixth grade 
  • Fun Facts about relevant topics, accessible by clicking on reoccurring items in the story 
  • Nine to eleven interactive exercises embedded in each web story 
  • Online materials and resources to support teachers’ instructional goals 
  • Printed materials - worksheets, activities, records, and more - to complement each web story

Relevant Curriculum Design

OWL offers original, interactive stories that engage children in meaningful online activities. Each web story is designed to build grade-appropriate literacy skills, including grammar, punctuation, reading comprehension and word analysis. Teachers and parents can see at a glance which skills are being addressed in every activity.

Rich Learning Resources

Along with the web stories, OWL also includes a wealth of teaching tools and suggestions. Teachers and parents receive printable resource worksheets, activities, records and more in order to build upon the online learning experience and focus on curriculum objectives. Each activity within a web story has corresponding progress sheets that test and reinforce language and literacy concepts.

 Literacy Learning and Beyond

OWL is more than a literacy program. It is a rich cross-curricular resource. Geography, history, science and more are intricately woven into the web stories. Zack, Lucy, Ozzie and Archie discover new locales, explore other cultures, learn about recycling, explore life processes, and more.