Analyze and monitor results immediately

Monitor Student Achievement

Monitor student achievement with  A3 Virtuoso's Insight Reports. Whether you are a teacher in the classroom, or a school or district administrator, Insight Reports has the data you need to quickly and effectively monitor ongoing progress and identify student achievement gaps. 

Three Ways to Look at It

Insight Reports provides three ways to look at your Assessment results.

  • Item Assessment provides an analysis of how students performed on each question, enabling simple recognition of which questions caused students to stumble and identify items that may not be performing well.
  • Student Proficiency shows the overall student scores based on the cut scores created and applied to each test or assessment, enabling fast identification of how many and which students need help.
  • Standards Assessment illustrates how students performed on each standard or concept that was tested in the assessment, enabling easy diagnosis of the areas and specific students that need improvement.

Dynamic Presentation

These rich and dynamic reports include graphical, tabular, and hierarchical representations, complete with interactive hover text and drill-down capability. The table and hierarchy views can be exported to PDF and Excel, making the data ultimately portable and ready for any meeting or planning session. Insight Reports includes District, School, and Class averages for in-depth comparison and analysis.

Send It Home

Insight Reports provides a pre-formatted, printable Student Report that can be sent home with each student or shared with parents during parent-teacher conferences, making it easy to facilitate discussions with parents about student performance and opportunities for improvement.