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Introducing the Insight Digital Classroom

Formative Assessments in the classroom... there's finally an app for that.  

The last six months of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 have seen an incredible acceleration in school initiatives to implement one-to-one computing solutions for students.  With the broadening availability of digital textbooks, propelled by Apple's release in January 2012 of their iBooks2 application designed specifically for K12 text book creation and distribution, tablets and other smart devices are quickly becoming the primary -- if not only -- choice for one-to-one computing in the classroom.  


The desire to replace printed books seems to be snowballing and Apple seems to have presented the first practical alternative.  The freedom provided by these digital textbooks will not only provide relief from the burden of storing, distributing, maintaining, and actually toting printed books around, but will simultaneously liberate school budgets to fund one-to-one computing initiatives like never before. 

Additionally, tablets like the Apple iPad provide an appliance-based approach to computing that supersedes desktop computing, which cannot provide the necessary scale and low total cost of ownership that one-to-one computing in schools requires.  Post-PC devices resolve these issues that here to for have presented sometimes insurmountable challenges to the one-to-one efforts.

We are at the cusp of enabling the real digital classroom -- not the digital classroom of the last decade, in which the physical class was rigged with multimedia presentation tools such as projectors, interactive whiteboards, document cameras, surround sound speaker systems and microphones -- but instead, an environment in which everyone in the classroom, including the teacher is equipped with a computing device that enables interactive collaboration and a true conversion into the digital realm.  Deliverables between teachers and students can be created and exchanged via digital means and multimedia.

The Digital Assessment is here...

With these goals and initiatives in mind, LearningStation has released the first phase in this revolutionary trend toward a true digital classroom.  We have optimized our  Insight Online Assessment system to run smoothly and easily on Apple and Android mobile and tablet devices, including iPads, iPhones, and iPods.  

Teachers can create assessments just as they always have, using the online Insight Test Builder tool, either from a desktop or laptop computer as well as their tablet devices, and now students can take the assessment using their tablets or other mobile devices -- making it easier than ever to deliver formative assessments in the classroom.  And... teachers and administrators still have access to all the great reporting... from the web-enabled device of their choice.

Stay tuned... LearningStation Insight iApp coming soon.  

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