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I Want My Students to Learn, So How Can I Use Data and Assessment?

All teachers have tons of data! All teachers know using data is important! But how do you use all of the data and make smart decisions that will help your students learn? 

First, you need to be organized and know you can't do this yourself. Using data and assessment requires collaboration.

Second, you need to create a data overview. Start with what you want to know, what questions you want answered, with the data.

Third, you need to be able to dig into student data in a meaningful way. How can you do this? We suggest having a system that uses technology in a powerful way to give you rich data results.

Fourth, you need to be willing to examine instruction based on the results of the data and develop an action plan.

Fifth, you assess the action plan and start over with the second step.

The step we left out? That step is creating quality assessments aligned with standards. 

Sound overwhelming? Let's talk about some ways the process can become less overwhelming.

Our Learning Station Insight System allows you to create assessments aligned to specific state or Common Core standards. These assessments can be taken by students using computers, iPads, bubble scan sheets, or pencil and paper.

You can then take the results of the assessments and see the results right away. No need to take the data home and try to graph it. Let technology do that work for you. You can see the results and analyze instruction almost immediately. That is the key to improving instruction so students learn.

What else is there? We could list all the possibilities here, but we know you will learn more by looking at our website If you have questions or like what you see, contact us. We would like to help you increase student learning through the use of data and assessments.

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